Aneeqa Malik: Soul-i-darity, Sufi Mysticism and Akhuwat (interest-free lending) in Pakistan

My guest is Aneeqa Malik, a London-based, Pakistani-born Transformation Management Consultant and Soulidarity Stewardess. She is Akhuwat UK’s Senior Research and Development Strategist. She is an Action Learning (ILM) & Research Facilitator and a Research Fellow at TRANS4M’s Centre for Integral Development, Hotonnes, France. She is currently on a PHD (Personal Holistic Development) program for TRANS4M’s ‘CARE-4-Society’ module. Aneeqa is also a practising Sufi. She spoke to me today from her home in London about her work, what it means to be a Sufi in our complex world as well as introducing us to Akhuwat, a interest-free micro finance system based in Pakistan. Akhuwat is the world’s largest interest-free microfinance program founded by Dr. Amjad Saqib in Lahore, Pakistan, started in 2001.

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