Lil MacPherson, businesswoman and restaurateur of the Wooden Monkey in Halifax speaks about her passion for local food that will help create a new economy of well-being.

My next special guest on The Economics of Well-being podcast is Lil MacPherson, a businesswoman and restaurateur based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Lil is the the co-founder of the Wooden Monkey restaurant.

I first met Lil in Halifax in 2007 when she hosted a book salon in her restaurant for my first book, The Economics of Happiness.

Lil is passionate about food; she believes that serving good, local and healthy food is the base of better lives.

The Wooden Monkey believes that sustainable agriculture protects our environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare.

Lil believes that sustainable agriculture also produces foods that are better for you than the highly processed industrial alternatives–and you sure can taste the difference! 

In 2016 Lil ran for the mayor of Halifax against the incumbent Mike Savage. She did very well considering this was her first crack at politics.

We spoke today about her current interests and her vision of the future for Halifax and Canada.

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