Can measuring well-being be taken seriously in a small town like Valleyview, Alberta? Join guest Bonnie Trottier to find out why

Join my next guest, Bonnier Trottier, a former child-care social worker and Valleyview community coordinator, has been a major part of the fledgling Valleyview Well-being Coalition. Bonnie was asked by Town Manager, Marty Paradine, to become a key architect of the Coalition as part of her applied studies in community planning at McEwan University (Edmonton). Bonnie was instrumental as a connector and catalyst for getting the Coalition up and running. Bonnie has become a champion of well-being in Valleyview and sees well-being communities as the future for development of communities across Canada. I spoke with Bonnie from her home in Valleyview Alberta to reflect on her experience with the Valleyview Well-being Initiative. I hope you find her reflections meaningful regarding the importance of building trust and engaging citizens in helping to improve the well-being conditions in their community.

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