Valleyview State of Well-being Report 2017

The Valleyview Genuine Wealth Assessment for the Town of Valleyview was commissioned in 2017 to assess and report on the overall state of well-being, quality of life, vitality and long-term sustainability of the community of Valleyview.

The expected utility of the use of the Genuine Wealth assessment for the town of Valleyview is to provide both local decision makers and citizens with the tools and processes for celebrating the assets that contribute most to their well-being, identify the areas for improvement or risks to future well-being and use the “well-being indicators” to help guide policy and decision making processes in order to ensure the sustainability of this vibrant and economically prosperous community.

The report will help Valleyview to assess progress towards sustainability.

In addition, the report will help to inform future strategic planning, budgeting and programming decision making by the Town of Valleyview providing important quality of life and well-being information (and trends).

The Genuine Wealth assessment is intended to help communities and organizations better measure and manage what matters most to a flourishing economy of well-being. The assessment provides a snapshot inventory of the ‘state of well-being’ of the community assets that are foundation of a happy and good life.

Here is a PDF copy of the Valleyview Well-being Report.

Valleyview Community Wellbeing Report 04.29.2017

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