What can China do to advance a well-being economy and ecological civilization?

I was senior economic advisor to the Government of China between 2003-2007 to help China’s effort to adopt a Green GDP and natural capital accounting system. In addition, I advised China on how to develop Xiaokang societal indicators for China’s municipalities. The word Xiaokang is a Confucian term that refers to the well-being of average Chinese citizens. As an economic goal for China and part of its economic strategy since 1989, Xiaokang was defined in terms of an average US$4000 per capita GDP for all Chinese citizens. In this interview with Ms. Xie Xing of the Los Angeles Bureau of the Xinhua News Agency . in May of 2015 at Claremont University in Claremont, California I presented my ideas on how China could become a model of an ecological civilization and an economy of well-being. The Claremont meeting was an international conference on advancing the idea of an Ecological Civilization.

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